Audio Visual Production and Broadcast Services:  We offer an array of high quality digital and analog audio visual production, editing and presentation services.  We also archive vintage AV hardware and systems for media storage, retrieval and conversions.

Video Production, Editing and Duplication Services:  Ten Plus hosts Avid Xpress Pro, Pinnacle, Sony, Final Cut Pro and Ulead Non-Linear Digital  Video and High Definition Editing Systems.   We have the capability to also use advanced processing methods, filters, codecs, compression and encryption systems.
Medical Informatics: 



Ten Plus in conjunction with Concept USA has completed the beta testing of a Digital Media Recorder (DMR).  The DMR will function like other digital video recorders, but will also allow for the use of 16 different types of portable storage, function as a VCR, have International scan conversion capabilities and serve as a streaming HDTV video repository for Electronic Field Productions.
• DMR Availability
• OpenBSD Firewall Routers
• Digital Medical Transcription - iDTS
• Digital Audio FFT Analyzation - USB 2.0
• DAS, NAS, SAN's and Disk Virtualization
• Self Restorable Disk Configurations
   Information Systems
            Audio Visual
        Video Production

Telemedicine: Usage of Internet connectivity and protocols to aid in the collection of video and digital photography of patients in remote areas.  (Diabetic and Surgical)

DICOM PACS Radiology: Currently researching Open Source / GNU License portable radiology solutions.

Multimedia Conversion Services:   International standards: NTSC, PAL, SECAM.  High Definition, DV,Analog systems. Multimedia networking and systems, including context-aware multimedia communications, Internet telephony, peer-to-peer streaming, audio/video streaming, multimedia content distribution, wireless multimedia, adaptive support for scalable media, Internet protocols, multimedia servers, operating systems, middleware and QoS.

Ten Plus - Created a fault tolerant RAID 6 Storage Area Network to archive over 4 TB of internal corporate  data along with a comprehensive multi-platform application, utility, software and media database.

Patient Education Systems:  Completed X86 rackmount RAID server based video digital repository for the storage and playback of patient education material with pharmaceutical and medical educational material and advertisements to be implemented and multiplexed with hospital in-house CATV systems.

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